Infrared Sauna Treatments – Fuchsia Spa

You all know I live for finding things that are an experience, fun, and worth the coins, especially if it provides health benefits.  I found this cute little spa, Fuchsia Spa, and near my home.  That made me extremely happy, not a far drive.  The staff was pleasant, and facility was exceptionally clean.  Let us get to why I sought out Fuchsia Spa.

I have severe inflammation in my hip (hip bursitis).  It evolved while carrying my daughter in my womb and it has never gone away.  Anyhow, I am always on a quest to find soothing options, such as regular turmeric supplements, foods that reduce inflammation, so on and so forth.

If you have experienced the fire that hip bursitis sets a blaze within in your tendons, googling soothing relief is endless.  I came across an article, and you know it takes just one article to send me into the rabbit hole, of infrared sauna therapy.

I found the nearest and most suitable spa, where infrared treatments were a service and gave it a whirl.  The sauna space was cute, clean, and tranquil.  I took two books with me, since I would be in the sauna for one-hour.  May as well knock out a few chapters of something.

The experience was HOT.  I entered the sauna at 135 degrees, and it slowly climbed to 160 degrees.  If you have ever been in any sauna, there was no difference.  I was a bit taken back because there were no red lights, as the treatment name alluded.

You had a choice to enter the sauna butt naked, which I immediately thought who had done that before me, in THIS very sauna, or you could keep minimal clothing on to partake in the warmth.  I chose the latter and spread three towels across the bench, because you know, the potential butt nakedness that may have taken place before me.

I removed the comfortable slippers, I almost inquired about purchasing, re-dressed, and guzzled down a chilled bottle of water, provided by the spa in a small refrigerator located in the corner.  I gathered my things, feelings sweaty but refreshed.

While the inflammation in my hip is not going anywhere after one treatment, I would certainly return as an overall weekend relaxation technique.


Fuchsia Spa-Ahwatukee
4025 E. Chandler Blvd., #3
Phoenix, AZ 85048

Cost: $19.99 (one session)


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