DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Table

We bought our first home last year, and like many others, the first thing you think is… Let’s go shopping! Well, that’s what you think but for us, that was not an actual reality after dishing out closing and down payment funds. So what do you do when you need a kitchen dining room table for your family to eat meals on at a reasonable cost? You DIY it yourself, and that’s where I began my research and found the amazing Ana White.

My husband and I used her “Beginner Farm Table” plans to build our Farmhouse style table. Link to the plans we used:

Ana says that only 2 tools and $50 is all that it will take, and my husband was immediately skeptical. We are not builders or wood workers by ANY MEANS, so I said, well lets go price it. We did just that at our local home improvement store, and the $50 cost was spot on!

For us, all the lumber and screws were about $55 that’s with local taxes. We did have to buy the stain and paint that we preferred, so that was extra and if you don’t have a drill, that’s an additional cost but costs that will be worth it because if you’re a money saving diy’er, you’ll use these types of items countless times.

Ana provides a cut list and specific instruction. It took us a weekend to completely build the table. We sanded, stained, and painted over the next week. We let it cure for about 3 days before we ate on it. All in all it took about 10 days, with work in between, from start to finish and voila!


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